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Walking Night-time Tours in Gatlinburg, TN

"Ghostwalk of Gatlinburg" is a walking night-time tour of Gatlinburg's most historic and "haunted" places which takes about one hour, and is approximately one mile in length. The walk is guided by a local storyteller dressed in costume.
"Ghostwalk of Gatlinburg" is not a haunted-house tour. It is a storytelling experience with a twist of murder and mayhem. We get your attention, but we don't chase you around with chainsaws. The stories feature a combination of local legends, history, superstition, folk tales and fiction. The tour's purpose is to revisit many historic and forgotten stories of murder and chaos that took place during the past 100 years in Gatlinburg and Great Smoky Mountains National Park.
  • "Ghostwalk of Gatlinburg" IS the ORIGINAL ghost tour in Gatlinburg.
  • The TOUR with EMF (GHOST DETECTORS). Each party gets an EMF detector.
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  • We offer a Money Back Guarantee. (If you like the other tours in town better, we will refund your money)
  • Our guides are dressed in period clothing and are knowledgeable, entertaining, and humorous.
  • And, We don't make promises or ridiculous claims that "you will get paranormal photos in each and every tour."
  • We are also the Lowest-Priced Ghost Tour in the Area.

CHILDREN 12 and under FREE with paying adult.