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Entertaining History of Gatlinburg, TN

  • We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone.
  • We are NOT responsible for any injury, mishap, or haunting.
  • You attend our tour at your own risk and peril.
  • Prices are subject to change without notice.


Full refunds will be granted (at the discretion of Ghostwalk of Gatlinburg) providing that a notice of TWO FULL HOURS is given before the scheduled tour... otherwise, you will be charged. We must pay our staff and guides, and we schedule tours based on reservations taken.
Reservations are required, and are made on a first come, first served basis. Some of the tours may sell out. It is recommended that reservations be made early.

Group tours are sold separately, and by reservation only.

A debit/credit card is necessary to hold Reservation.

Bad Weather:
Tours are held 'rain or moon'. An umbrella is recommended if a threat of inclement weather occurs, and comfortable shoes should be worn.
We will cancel tours with less than four paying reservations, and customers will be notified by the contact number they give us.
Small Children and Infants:
We love small children and infants (they are very tender and tasty)... however - be aware that they often do not have the attention-span of an adult, and can become 'unhappy' or tired on walking tours such as this. We do not give refunds because of cranky children.
Late Arrivals:
We make every effort to wait for those who have made reservations. If you are running late due to traffic or some other reason, please call our Ghostphone (865-556-0674). But, at some point, we have to go 'on with the show'. If we can fit you into a later tour which is already scheduled, we will. However, without a minimum of two full hours notice, you will be billed whether you make it on time, or not.
Friendly, "well behaved" dogs are allowed on leashes... but the owner is responsible for keeping the pet under control. Refunds will not be granted because a pet is having a bad night.
For Entertainment Only:
Most of our stories have been researched. Some come from local folklore or legend. Our guides may embellish stories for entertainment purposes. We make no claim that any of the stories are historically accurate or correct.
About Our Guarantee:
Our Ghostwalk is simply the most entertaining. We will not mislead you by "guaranteeing" you that you'll get "paranormal photographs" on every single tour. You will probably get photos of "orbs"... but since the definition of an "orb" is so broad, and can actually be anything from dust particles to insects... we'll let you be the judge. If you do get something unusual in a photograph, let us know. We may even post it here on our website. Click HERE for more info about photographs on our "Phantom Photos" page.
Handicap Accessible:
Most every place we will take you on our tour is accessible by wheelchair. But please be aware that some areas may present a greater challenge than others... such as leaving the paved surface to explore the cemetery (which is also uphill)... as well as other parts of the tour that are a part of the downtown area of the City of Gatlinburg. We will make every effort to assist the handicapped.